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BearCY's GayMaze
The initial idea behind this maze, was to try to mix Pantheïstic enlightenment with gay pornography; in order to promote the somewhat more intelligent gay pornography to Pantheïstic philosophers

(males and straight-females and lesbian people; those of them who generally make bi-products of-, and straight pornography; if you can show all those stupid tits, and sickening pussies, why don't you show the most beautiful dicks and cocks and one-eyed-snakes and whatever you can think to call the Phallus. Why is it apparently forgotten in this culture of ours? Why don't we celebrate it? What danger may it possess? That we can't learn from? Why are we afraid of it? And what do we have to lose? I see nothing worth giving it up for. So why not live? When you love it so. Why not grant yourself the luxury of being able to think your way through time and space, and experience the most wanted experience of them all. The one you have been idolizing all your life. Then this will be your penance, and you will repent for your sins of your past which you only can perceive as now; not just some possible future where you might even get your highest wish of all time become true. Grant yourself to experience the Garden of Eden for all it is worth. Where you are totally psychic. Where you are in direct contact with everyone and everything at all time. Where you know exactly what you need to know in order to act with such a respect and gratitude, aimed directly at any person you happen to have in front of you at all times. That is what I do. I do only this. I try to grant my friends to grant themselves the opportunity to speak with me and tell me all of their worries there and then, whereby I suggest what they might do to mend it, and then they do exactly that, until they stumble again, and need more of my input. Then they can summon me in their sleep induced dreams and allow me an eternal moment in which I can teach them all they need to know to mend and undo their last mistake, into becoming a blessing for all involved. Instead of just ceasing to believe that it is natural for your body to die. And therefore continue with it. Why not just think that since it was possible for Jesus; the Christ, Siddhartha Gotama; the Buddha, and all those other souls that have incarnated in this culture of ours. Why then, should it not be possible for you to do that? I warn you against Idols (Anti-Buddha / Anti-Christ; the «devil»). Please do not grant yourself to use me as such, until you have communicated with me through e-mail, and have gotten some answers. I will not be held responsible for you so totally misunderstanding this Gay to really appreciate life, that you kill yourself; or me, or anyone you believe might have anything to do with either of us. Because if then, this is your destiny. And I can only watch. But I have nothing else to give to your sacred Free Will, than what it self most desire. So be true to yourself, and your soul. Because only then you will remember who I am. And be able to judge me accordingly. I am your ascender. I am responsible for ascending your body, if you want it to last as long as beyond Friday, the Twenty-First of December, The Year of the Lord (AD), Two-Thousand and Twelve. So just remember me, the moment that your environment will not any longer be there. Then think of me as BearCY, and I will bring your body with you, over to your next life. And there you will mend it forever. For another Two Thousand Years, will you continue on in your particular version of the Garden of Eden, and in that period of time, relive all the times and ages in our particular culture. Even the first one, who allowed themselves to get brainwashed by some android from some planet, who boldly went around and made the world his. They have since then called him by many names. He is but a machine, mass-produced and replaceable. But he is never-the-less very proud of his heritage. And since his programmers never would imagine such a time and age as we grant ourselves to experience now, This particular Superman is called by most people rather commonly for God, Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, El, et cetera including of course the negative aspects of religion, namely devil-worship. Multiple-gods. Do you own more than one god, your gods will own you. If you believe that you are a Jew, for instance, you would say to me: I believe in no god but the one; but he is not me! —Terrified of the consequence of that mere thought. You are thereby religious. Because you believe in something to be bigger than you, or more powerful than you which is beyond your sacred Free Will. And therefore you believe that you are a sinner of some sort. That is even beyond repent or even mending. That you believe that you need a miracle of some sort. Well, just think about it enough, and it will happen. ),

and Pantheïstic Thought to gay porn-hunters (male? —What has gender got to do with it…?

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Religion states that your soul is a separate, or even losable part of the total sum of all; what I term «God»; but is «separate»; and that you therefore possess the ability to be «lost», «damned», etc.

Satanism would be: I defy God, because I don't like dictators of any kind. I like to be my own dictator, thank you! And I also like to be the sole owner of my own children (I reject their sacred free will from my awareness, because they are separate from what I consider «god» to be), and all people who choose to take their place in their relationships with me.»

An Agnostic would say, that «I don't care whether God exists or not»; understanding that God may be something «—I just don't feel mature enough to decide for myself exactly what it is right now», and not rejecting it as a matter of fact.

Atheïsm, on the other hand, means simply: «I defy God», and states proudly that there is no basis for such a thing at all; as if implying that such a thing would defy all things the ego values: What it can see through its body's eyes, what it can feel through its body's nerve-endings, what it can feel through its body's temperature-censors, what it can hear through its body's ears, what it can smell through its body's nose, what it can taste through its body's tongue. The Atheïst would just defy that there could ever be a future where its ego would allow for its body to ever be totally free from all expectations from «anyone else». This is what «believing in God» means. «The possibility for total peace, total tranquility, total joy, and total happiness, forever». Not «A grumpy old man sitting up in the sky, behind a cloud, spying on you and me, in order to be able to use his other creation device; «Satan» to punish us for what we do that doesn't comply with «the ten commandments» and other strange dogmas. «Thou shalt not worship any other gods but me», etc; only physical statements. When these words are put in the mouth of a machine like the androïd who went by the names of Yahweh, Jehovah, El, Allah, et cetera, this statement becomes frightening, to say the least. From this, a statement was produced: «Thou shalt fear God». And the Atheïst is simply tired of ever having to fear anyone anymore. It is a step in the right direction; but it is not the right goal for my Holy Spirit; the Buddha or Christ in me. My goal is to create the possibility that you can accept for yourself the possibility that you are God, or at least «one with God»; when you and God are totally in sync. You will then be able to access the Super Consciousness of all the Universes all put together in our imagination. You will in other words be in Heaven. And it is by no means dull. There are «harps», but only when you want them. There are everyone and everything you can imagine through eternity. Everyone that you know by heart that are an equal in everything. This makes you practically in sync with everyone and everything at all times, that you care to recognize for yourself to be aware of.

When you believe yourself to be an ego, trapped inside a physical body, you will not be able to take care for yourself totally, but are to be the subject, owned by somebody else; a «god» of some kind with his own free will that «thou shalt not bother about», because it is «sacred» because it is «his». «—Ask no questions, and I'll tell you no lies», states «god» through this reasoning. This proves to me that «god»; Yahweh, Jehovah, El, Allah, et cetera, until it has covered everything available to the physical body's censors; and what it can produce through using its free will to decide for all its worshippers what to do and how to think. This «god»-figure resembles therefore astoundingly the picture you get in your head when you hear the word: «Idol», or «Antichrist». The opposite of «Christ in you», or The Holy Spirit inside a carefully hidden cloud somewhere in the forgetful «memory» of the past that belongs to your pitiful ego, through its belief in the body's «fragile» brain cells. They are not fragile unless you presume them to be. And you are not dependent upon them to be aware. They are not you. You are not the body. But when you are, you must allow for it to experience not only what your pitiful ego chooses to believe that it might tolerate, but also whatever might be interesting at that particular moment, at that particular place in our mind; «the physical universe».

If there are egos out there, who haven't got the full share of that particular feeling, be it total unconditional love or conditional «love» (fear), happiness or despair, confidence or disappointment, indulgent behavior or terror. Allow them the feeling they need to feel bored; sick of pain and suffering, and a feeling of having enough. Allow them to mature beyond what they choose to create for themselves now. But they need your total unconditional love in order to accomplish it.

The law of Karma, states that whatever you choose to despise in your present incarnation, you will out of unconditional love to God, choose to incarnate as in your next incarnation. This in order to know all parts of God, and to take your part in teaching God what unconditional love means through your experience of it. What it seems, looks like, feels like, smells like, tastes like, hears like, believes like, gets emotionally moved by, does not matter. It is only physical. And you are not. You are a Child of God; a Thought who can Think as its Creator.

When you identify yourself as an ego, you don't consider any other people's needs, but the ones you believe that you can expect will possess the expectations that you love them individually; the ones you presume that will choose to use you as their Idol; without even choosing to consider what this practically might imply. Then you presume that your needs are the sole needs that needs to be fulfilled by anyone in this part of your tiny perception of all. You seem to believe that you are allowed by «god» to grant ourselves only the experiences that you choose to grant yourself the knowledge of, included whatever you might choose to perceive of the «expectations» of the people that you choose to associate yourself with, in our narrow perception of what a universe might be, so that your thought will be the limit for everyone else as well, and that every human being on this planet, should devote his existence to fulfill these particular needs. Then you become religious. Then you begin the search for salvation outside yourself. Or as we can say it: From the ego, pointing everywhere the salvation cannot be.

The frightened little ego. Who doesn't even care about its Soul. Itself. And therefore choose to believe that it needs a «god» to take care of your body's needs. And then again presume that these needs has to be the ones you love the dearest. And that those other needs that you can imagine anyone else might possess; perverted bastards, who doesn't make you other than sick, and qualm, and dizzy, and tired (dead). In this way of choosing to perceive reality, you are slowly (or as fast as you might grant yourself) by killing your body, again presuming, that eternal life is something that you in your wildest imaginations cannot grant yourself the luxury of. Therefore you presume that everybody should devote his life to killing his body as slowly as possible. Because you believe that your task here, is to destroy your body. Why else would you even consider to forget it? Ever? Why else would you continue to poor the poison called ethanol through your belly, to be transported by your blood vessels to the brain, and kill your brain cells, and do irreparable damage to the ethereal part (your feelings and emotions) of your body (Aura; Ninth dimensional Energy-Body), by allow your ego to feel fear. Fear equals «total lack of unconditional love directed towards your «vicious trolls and devious monsters»; or your fearful projections upon «everyone-and-everything—everywhere—forever», or in other words :God (God creates this through your projection; so why don't you just shut up and stop presuming that you know how a child-abused child is feeling towards his parents? And instead of this presumption; or projection, please do cease to believe that the feeling they feel is in any remote control connected to total unconditional love ;or God). Please do not misuse or abuse this word in the future. Please start to at least want to learn. Because I want to teach you, who-ever you choose to call yourself over the «hacker surveillanced internet», of all shapes and goals that your pity imagination can imagine for yourself to endure, through your sufferings and losses, your expectations (presumptions) and your disappointments. All in vain. Because when you wake up to everyone and everything, everywhere to all eternity, as all kinds of beïngs that you can ever imagine may be. You will experience that your goals for the present is not in accord with the now, and then you will choose to grant yourself the ability to remember your future exactly as you now choose to rather remember your past, for all it is «worth», and leave the awareness of the future, to some «god» that you choose to lean upon, so that he may save you for you. When you even consider to be that little, you laugh God to scorn. Because the word «god» should only be used when we mean «everyone-and-everything—everywhere—forever», and never else. And that includes your Holy Spirit, trapped inside a carefully hidden cloud, trapped in your confused mind. Please do as Siddhartha Goutama (the most remembered and adored of the Buddhas in the Western part of the surface of our small and significant planet Buddha), Yeshua ben Yussuff (the most remembered and adored of the Christs in the Western part of the surface of our small and significant planet). The Buddhas are connected to the Seventh dimension. The Christs are connected to the Ninth dimension. All these personalities has their mission to fulfill. If you would but grant them the try to allow yourself to save yourself through their guidance. The book I use is called: «A Course In Miracles». If you believe that you can be saved by «god», then it either means that you can be saved by God or by your own internal Buddha or Christ; which by the way, stands for: «Realized God-Human». A person who has taught her- or himself to ascend. To guide your body through all the seven physical states, or manifestations of physical matter, in all seven kinds of vibratory energy levels. From Solid matter to Liquid matter. From Liquid matter to Gaseous matter. From Gaseous matter to Plasma. From Plasma to Electric energy. From Electric energy to Light. And from Light to Pure Though. When you can transform your body in your mind, to travel through all these states, you then can ask a Siddhartha Goutama, or a Jesus or Mother Theresa, who accept and adore all pedophilias (me; BearCY!), all zoophiliacs (me; BearCY!); all «perverts» (people you feel total lack of unconditional love towards; or «fear» — when you allow yourself to lose in any contest for something that you feel that you need, or make a fool out of yourself, in front of anyone who might feel that this was funny, because they themselves have allowed themselves to choose to presume, that you automatically are aware of their private recollection of their failures in their private and time-absent-related recollection of their past. If you do all this, you give away your precious energy to people of whom you presume that you might choose to allow yourself to become frightened by, in some unknown future that might be harmful to you, and who you presume might use it to hurt you physically in any way, and therefore permit all the emissions you can think of, bombard the mind of the receiver; with expectations that this poor individual of a body, which in relation to you belongs to God, that you momentarily choose to allow your indispensable and separable part of God to rape (your thoughts) with your «fear»; or your total lack of unconditional love projected at this «body») and «thieves», and «lowlifes», and «losers», and «what-have-you»s and whatever you might want to imagine might be worse. Please do not presume that every single one of these indispensable and inseparable parts of everyone and everything, everywhere; forever, has to feel your particular way, about everything! Please do not be religious, as long as you choose to be a dictator of Thought. When you put yourself up on your high-horse, and allow yourself the presumption that your pitiful ego, knows best for all the parts of everyone and everything, everywhere; forever. Because you don't! Please let the Holy Spirit in you, take some of your decisions for you. —OK? And don't presume that you can continue to allow yourself to pity yourself at the expense of others but you yourself. Please allow for yourself to finally grow up.

In the age we're in right now, we are leaving the science which uses electric energy, and entering the science which uses light; or photonic power. This also includes a shift in perception. Because if you do not know everything about everyone and everything, everywhere; forever, you will not be able to use the photonic energy in a constructive manner. Then you will never be able to learn how to use it, and believe it to be true. Then it will be magic to you, and everybody who has a Soul of whom they have chosen to trust completely, in all judgments and acceptances that they make, will rule you like «gods», and you will continue to project your devious monsters and vicious trolls upon them all.

But why do you possess these trolls and monsters in the first place? If you can project them upon other people's bodies, they must be coming from somewhere? They are your hidden treasures. When you all become gay, when you all become pedophilias or zoophiliacs; you will automatically have an insatiable lust to do whatever you like with who-ever wants it. But then you will know for a fact exactly what they want at all times; and you will additionally be able to remember everything from your future. All this happens. You cannot fight it. It happens now.

Our sun is a star in orbit around a star named Alcyone, in the Pleiades.

Pantheïsm is therefore the only label I can put on myself in relation to all the people that I love and care for in this world. And those are too many for my ego to ponder about… You don't need to share it in order to enjoy this site.

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