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This page is designated to Letters that has been sent me from my homepage visitors, and that I choose to perceive as LoveLetters. All names are deleted and changed into male and female.

Hey dude! | I saw your web page and it looks hot! My name is and I live in South Carolina in the United States. I am in college and very poor. I can not afford an adult check Id at the moment but really want to see your pictures. You are so good looking! So if you don't mind, could you give me the link into your other areas? | Thanks,   The United States of America

Your web pages are very nice. I did not have time to read them all, but will come back again to read more later. | I live in the USA in San José, about 40 km from San Francisco. I am gay and I'm looking to correspond with gay Norwegians. My mother's family are Norwegian. Personal Quote: It riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave and keep on thinking free. | Hope to hear from you,   The United States of America

Hi! there, I must thank you for some excellent pages, they are all of great quality. | I would be interested in hearing of other sites that have as good a selection of mature and young content. | Look forward to hearing from you soon. | Regards.

I liked your page. I didn't get a chance to read all of it (my roommate wanted the phone line), but I will get back to it. | Feel free to write back. I answer any mail I get (unless it's from my ex-,) :)   The United States of America

Hi BearCY | Great pictures. Very easily understand why they turn you on. They are really great. Tried enlarging, but lost focus. Tried saving like you said, but can't upload. Must be doing something wrong. Help! | Take care,   The United States of America

Dear BearCY, | I've been visiting your home page for quite some time now. You have a wonderful homepage. It's sad that now you are not able to show everything you would like FREE as you've always had. | I guess there's nothing much you can do. Anyways, wish you all the best, keep up the good work, and have a great summer!! | | Vancouver, Canada  Canada

I came across your website, just cruising around. I was/am so impressed by your insights and awareness of Spirit. This is an area of conflict for me, as I can't quite seem to get my animal lust nature, (which thrills at fantasy of fucking the brains out of a horny, willing boy) to find a happy medium with my contemplative, meditative, blissful state of unconditional love nature. | I think the real problem is finding people who have a conscious awareness of these two aspects to themselves. Most gay guys are only aware of the animal lust part. | Thanks for letting people know that it's possible to experience it all! | Spirit bless!   The United States of America

Hello, | My name is . I do not want to give some agency $1.00 of my money so that I can prove my age. If they are so concerned about children seeing pictures of the human body and expression of human sexuality. Then they should take there own money, who ever they are and find some other ways to protect there beliefs. I am a 30 year old American male and believe me, «I pay enough for other peoples problems as it is with the high taxes we pay in this country». When I first discovered the internet in 1995, There was a lot of freedom. What happened? Why couldn't these people just stay out of these pages that they found offensive? No, they decided to check everyone they could find, it must be a full time job viewing all those pages they find so offensive, these people must be real miserable. Could you imagine the suffering they have to endure day in and day out, because they force them selves to view something that makes them angry. I think these people are worse off than any of us. They can't even look at a member of there own species. Here in America they tried to raise my generation with they're beliefs that we should not even talk about sex. Instead of teaching us about our sexuality, they let it be a total surprise, that was a stupid thing to do. Look at us now. | Sincerely,   The United States of America

Hey BearCY! | It's a shame that you have to go to all this trouble just because of the stupid ignorant fundamentalists. I have been to your site only once before. Now on my return I find all these harassments you are getting. I wish people could mind their own business, and leave the rest of us alone. | If you would be so kind as to give me the URL to enter. I thank you. Any other info you might need from me, just ask. | Yours,   The United States of America

Hi BearCY | Warm and friendly greetings from NEW ZEALAND. Here in my home city of Christchurch (very "English" and widely known as one of the true garden cities of the world) the temperature now at about 13.00 hours is still 25°C. We have had one of the hottest summers on record (El Niño etc) and many sun tanned bodies abound !!! I have been well and truly trying to «tackle» your well constructed, highly professional web site ( I speak as a journalist of some 25 years – though only in the print media and as I said on my guest book entry, I am still «growing up» in computer terms. You are clearly a master of cyber space. Have been particularly impressed by your use of color, graphics and of course cartoons ( reflections of that Norse humor yes ??) Not yet sure about the «free» aspects of gay material. On my first major visit to your site last night I managed to tap into some excellent – full screen free material – could not seem to connect with it tonight. But sure that with patience and time I shall make other contacts. Have been looking this last HOUR !!! at some excellent (USA of course) material on – excellent Have also discovered another excellent general search engine – This is one of the fastest and most effective I have used ( seven seconds usually on most search topics). Really feel I am getting to «know» you. You share many of my feelings over the Christian Fundamentalists (most of whom I think are closet gays anyway !!!!) As yet I have not decided whether I should join up for adult ID card as I am a bit wary of sending credit card numbers over net. I would appreciate your comments if you have time. One bit of good news which fits in with your professional advice, is that soon I am upgrading to Netscape Navigator 4.0 which is the latest version. Also means other extensions possible. But everything for me is a learning curve. I have plenty of time as I am no longer working full time. I have multiple sclerosis and must use a wheelchair. But this has not stopped me from doing six round the world trips from our far flung country since 1976. One great memory of your country was a trip (in summer of course) through mountains (near Flekkefjord) and my friend told me to look above the road. On a high cliff flew the NEW ZEALAND flag beside the flag of NORWAY. Reason ? the flags fly there each year during the summer above a memorial to six Kiwis ( the nickname given to New Zealanders overseas) who were the crew of a bomber shot out of the air by the Germans in WW2. It was a very moving moment to see my country's flag in such an unexpected place in the summer sunshine. I chatter. Must return to my «viewing» on hotguyz. Hope you are happy and well. Please E mail me sometime if you wish. Good luck and many thanks for sending me your E mail message. | Farvel   New Zealand

Hello BearCY, | I had a quick look through your site…even with the adult check it is against geocities guidelines as you are not allowed to have password protected areas in geocities. You have put a lot of work into your site and you have done a good job. Is there any problem just leaving it on the server it is already on? | Talk to you soon.   The United States of America

The problem was that I used the server at GeoCities as a «free space» to my porn pages, in a sealed off subdirectory, where you had only direct hyper-linked access from my password protected pages at PowerTech in Norway. At GeoCities I had 20 Mb of Gay Pornography mixed with Pantheïstic Enlightenment at the time, spread over several fictive identities, and would only get 5 Mb space in Norway included in my Internet subscription at PowerTech. After I got kicked out of GeoCities, I had a period of illegal sites at XOOM, before I discovered, part of the WowSites System. It has all been free to do, measured in money. When I can afford it, I dream about raising my own server- and network system, and be a contributing part of the Internet Infrastructure, financially supporting the free access to the Internet Community in a large scale. My mission is true communication of truth, and salvation of the world to «Happiness for All»; no matter what you choose «It» to be. I abide by Your Sacred Free Will, part of the Will of God. Give me what you want, and I will give you ten-fold in return; no matter what you choose to decide for yourself to give me. My life is in accord with God's My free will is in accord with God's. What He wants me to do, will be done by me. Because I will it to happen. And so it does. When you will in discord with God's will, you will end up working against yourself, and thus fail. When you are not happy about what you do, while you do it, you do a very bad job of it. No matter what it is. This is called abuse of the creative force of God, which resides within you, for you to use at your own discression. So also with pornography. And especially Gay- or Child-pornography. Those are the target for the highest rate of fear-projection from all the visitors on the Internet. Strangely enough. But when it comes to the Animal Kingdom, what kind of Nature-film on the Telly, will not include some form of display of sex among animals? Why then, is this so awful to watch when it concerns human beings? I will through this statement claim, that you live in a sick culture, which promotes death and destruction before life and creation of all different kinds of feelings you can dream of to have, and to feel. That's what God is for! To feel and learn and see and touch and be and dream and love and fuck and suck and lick and have sex all day long for ever. Through everyone. If you deny yourself some of these experiences, you will give away your life to death. In other words: You will give away your experiences to total lack of unconditional love, projected upon whatever it is that you choose to fear, or be even sick of before you've even tried it with positively responding, likeminded people of all ages. Because they are all there. Please do not continue to focus upon those few sufferers, who only want to experience pain, all through their lives. Grant them the feeling, but please do not pity them. They do not deserve your pity. What they need, is your compassion, and total, unconditional love. But this does not mean that you should not grant all those who adore and will die without the experiences you don't dare to grant yourself, out of fear of your own damnation of yourself. You can't be damned by others than yourself. And that's a pretty stupid choice to make, if you ask me. I can only love you unconditionally. It matters not to me how you choose to believe that you deserve my response to your projections upon me. When you contact me, I will have all the projections in the world directed back at you, and you will most probably not be able to recognize yourself in my description of you, and our relationship together with everyone. What I try to say is: Please do not hurt yourself upon me. Do not fall madly in love with a person, just because you have read some of what he wrote to you, before you have given him the chance to get to know you, and decide for himself what he wants to feel in his life, and with whom he would like to spend his time. Because it might not be you. Or it might. But lets say that it didn't. What would you do when you discovered the «true» face behind all his masks. The face that shows you that he doesn't project the dream-prince of his life upon your body, and that he would feel infringed if you were to assume it were so, and act upon it. Please do not allow for yourself to get hurt by anything that anyone else can be able to say to you through-out your life. You will only give back ten-fold of what you then would believe him to give to you. You would possibly try to destroy his life, out of your confusion of avengement. This is not real. This is not in accordance with the Will of God. Most probably, you will not succeed at all in what you try to accomplish. And this is not meant as a threat. Just as a warning. It is your will and your decision, what you choose to «get hurt by» through the horror-pictures you project upon your possible surroundings at all times. Thus you create your own night-mare of a life. Full of devious trolls and dangerous monsters. Who are just out to get you. This is called total lack of unconditional love directed towards self, and then projected upon whatever it is that you choose to fear at all times of your existence. Please choose to project something that you want, rather than something you do not want to happen! Be responsible and mature; rather than just growing old!

I have had a lot of fun going through your pages-I'm not finished because there's too much to see in just 3 visits. You've done a great job, thanks. | I am like you and appreciate the beauty of photos of young men, but prefer relationships with my own age. I have a couple of great photos that are legal and in good taste that I've come across that I'd be happy to forward if you're interested. | Please let me know when you have a chance. Otherwise, you have really done a commendable job and I've had lots of fun. I live in Texas, USA. | You've done what we would call an «end-run» around GeoCities and I think that's great. After all, they play their games with visitors to any of their sites, why should their users not do the same? | There are a couple of photos that I'd love to see an inch or two more of (if you have it) and I especially enjoy long haired young men. There don't seem to be many photos of young men with long hair. I think that it is incredibly sexy. Yes, my boyfriend has long hair. | Thank goodness that he works in a job where it is acceptable, I never have. You would look great with yours hanging down just below your shoulders. Ever worn it that way? The only alternative would be a buzz cut which you could probaly pull off (mine is too thin-so I enjoy looking and playing.) | I know that you have a lot to read, thanks for your work. I'd enjoy exchanging notes if you are inclined. You do get to feel like you get to know a person after viewing their contribution to the Web and we might enjoy talking. I understand if you are not able to respond, but who knows? You can have too much food, too much money, but you can never have too many friends!   The United States of America

You've made the beginning of the New Year wonderful. Thanks for some excellent writing and viewing.   The United States of America

Hello BearCY, and indeed I had fun perusing your exhibition of poetry, prose and pictures. You have made these pages not merely a pictorial show but also a literary and philosophical experience. | Thanks again for permitting the privilege of viewing these. With best wishes for the coming holiday season,   The United States of America

I just found your web site today. Beautiful, probably the most attractive web site I have ever seen. But I could not find any way to access your pornographic pages. It is probably my fault. But there does not appear to be any obvious entrance after AdultCheck entry. Best of luck with your site. I will come back again some time to see if I can get in to have a look at your pictures of nice smooth boys. | Många hälsningar   The United States of America+Sweden - Sverige

hi BearCY | A short note to thank you for the change. hope the page is available to others who appeciate it. | Hey your new pages are all great. do you have any more pix of the first guy on impeccable lovers2 - bobbysmooth? he is the cutest thing i have seen in ages. | Is there anything you would like as a swap? by   The United States of America

hi BearCY, | Thanks for your advice on the pix… being a complete techno-idiot i'm not sure i'll get it right but i will try. | I find your mail system has got itself into a loop and keeps sending the same letter to me over and over again... great to hear from you but the same message 10 time is a bit dull your page is a lot of fun we have a similar interest in male porn stuff (older stuff as well as kids). | Well keep well. how is the weather in Oslo(?) here in Holland we had 2°C of frost this morning | bye   Holland - The Netherlands

We are two friends who are both keen porn fans – perfer teens say 14 to 19. What we really like about your site is the humour and trying to find our way through your maze. | Hey, has anyone got lost and you found them there days later? | Well I'll try the links you gave me and let you know. will send you a few pix later in the week when im on the other machine. | Love the guys!  Holland - The Netherlands

And here I thought I was the only strange one out there < Not really, but its nice to feel special :o) > | So you have had a near death experience too? I have also experienced this enlightenment. (At 15 I decided the world would be a better place without me, so I overdosed, only to be informed during my experience that I had not yet learned the lesson I was placed here to learn, and I had to go back, so here I am!) I also am not, as you say, "neither submissive to dogmas (religious), nor am I godless (an atheist)." In fact I like that, may I use it? | My experience taught me that there is fundamentally, no single answer to the question "Why". We are all put here to learn the answer to a specific question, once we have learned this thing then we are called back. It could be something as complex as the secret to fusion power, or as simple as what did nurse Smith have for lunch yesterday. Of course, we are not allowed the ability to "learn" how to figure out what this thing is we're to learn :o) One of the very few things we are not allowed. If you allow this to be an acceptable fact in your perspectives regarding life, then you have the answer to many of the "whys" you could come up with... < such as why did an innocent baby die? Because he learned what nurse Smith had for lunch yesterday! > Some may think this a stupid thing, but that is because they let themselves be intimidated by what does not exist, < wait didn't you mention that in your "about me" page? Too true. > What does not exist here is the "need" to know why the afterlife wanted to know what nurse Smith had for lunch yesterday. | If you think I am bonkers then you may feel free to join the vast "Majority" of those who have not had the "enlightenment" we have had. But I don't think you will :o) My near death encounter has taught me many things about life and death. Death is not longer something I fear or am intimidated by (could be because it is now a known thing :o) | Say, since your experience, have you discovered you are more "perceptive" or "receptive" to what some call "psychic energies"? I had always been somewhat telempathic (the ability to send, receive and or enhance emotional energies) and a little bit more precognitive, but it seems that the "ability" if you will has been fined tuned some by that experience. | You know < insert your name > if you respond to this letter you may be opening yourself up for some serious "debate, discussion, sharing, comparing" social intercourse. | I too am very open and direct, something else which intimidates people is absolute honesty. I mean why would someone ask you "Do you like my new shirt?" if they wanted you to lie to them? Isn't it better to tell them it makes them look fat, faded, ugly whatever? Why lie and open them to impolite laughter behind their back? Men especially can not handle absolute truth. They do not want to hear that the problems may be due to their own short comings. | In my work (I sort of have several jobs) I encounter many people each day. Do you ever get tired of people saying stuff like "You are so intelligent, why don't you go back to school and get a higher paying job?" or something similar. I am quite content with things the way they are, I was not meant to be a millionaire, so why try for it? I am not a material person, so why earn more money that I need? Sure I was a straight A student in school, yes I even know that I have a higher than average IQ (158, I peeked when the reviewer stepped out of the room, and no I did not accept the offer to be placed into a "Special School" for bright children :o) I enjoy my job (I cashier at a gas station, do tune ups and oil changes, I like to interact with people and get my hands dirty) During some of my off time I work as sort of a sexual surrogate for straight (I really dislike labels) mis guided men. And I have had the pleasure of helping individual men "repair" their failing relationships with their wives, simply by giving them a different perspective into their own sexuality. Its sort of sad the here in the old US of A people are so anal retentive about sex. If we were not meant to enjoy our bodies we would not have been given the bodies we were. | I will stop for now and give you time to digest this much. I would like to hear from another open minded person such as yourself. But if I have been to much myself < not even close :o) > and you feel further communication would be detrimental to your own well being, then I will understand.   The United States of America

Hi BearCY, | You really have got nice home pages – and some super-cute Asian beauties. I found the way to your gallery! | I look forward hearing about You. And if you find more Thai/Japanese etc. guys, I´ll be most interested. | By the way, how is the situation of gay porn videos in Norway? I collect flicks of Jean-Daniel Cadinot (the old ones from 80's). Also the new Bel-Ami videos of Duroy (hard-core versions, not generally sold in Europe). | best wishes   The United States of America

Very colorful and well presented. I enjoyed it very much. We each have to interpret the meaning and purpose of life for ourselves. It was interesting to see your perspective.

Hi BearCY, | Wow what a knock-out your new pages are. heavenly bodies great dicks wonderful cum shots I went deeper and deeper into your maze and the hit the jackpot and found you had gone to all the trouble of linking all those great pix… thanks you are a pal! | there are few sites on the web that are as much fun as yours always something new and interesting | keep it up, The United States of America

Hi BearCY, | is here. Im from Indonesia. I used to visit you homepage. But now I just found a screen page. Can you tell me your URL address please. Thanks for your attention. | Regards, Indonesia

hello dirty fag i think you're a dirty dirty person. With petroleum jelly in your ass. Thank you For being gay. | JJarvis The United States of America

JJarvis! You may read about projection here.

I just have a question… | How long were you a member before you were kicked off? | I spoke with a friend at AdultCheck and he gave me 1 week before I was to be kicked off! | Ha HA HA!!! So much for freedom of speech!!! | the curious one, ! | PS. As for the tight asses at Geocities! *%^! THEM! The United States of America

Hi, BearCY, suddenly I found the doors barred. What a disappointment! But hope again: «If you feel that you know me and don't want to pay money to anyone to enter my pages, send me an e-mail and we'll see how we can work things out». I'd very much appreciate getting your hints how to neutralize the stupid hypocrites that have apparently forced you to hide behind obstacles. Thanks a lot and keep going. Yours . The United States of America

Mr. Jespersen, | I have never sent e-mail in response to material I came across on a web page, but I could not resist. Your artitle entitled "Nazism—good Lord; what may that be?", was a joy to read. I'm not sure how to express my self to you, so please forgive me. I just want you to know that I understand your article quite well. You may not believe me when I tell you that I have had many of the same thoughts that you express so beautifully in your article. Maybe not with the same exact examples you have used, but similar, nevertheless. You truly are a very gifted writer. Its quite silly to say but I almost feel like I've met you. To me, you have captured the meaning of what it is to be a person. I only hope that others will read your article, as there is much to be learned from it. Thank You for sharing your thoughts. | Yours, . The United States of America

I read the your whole document on nazism, and I believe you miss the point. It is not what nazism could be or even what it should be, the point is what it was made to be in the middle of this century and that is something of evil and vileness. So no matter how you dress it up or even try to cover it up with «other peoples» long winded ideas, it will always be viewed as being equal to hate as long as Hitler remains in peoples mind. | Think about things like that before you go slapping the swastika around internet pages. After all, regardless of free speech, if you give people the fuel to build fires, we all could be looking at the end of free speech on the Internet. I can see the «Christian-fundamentalists» having a ball using your page as an example of what «evil» exist on the Internet. Something to consider. The United States of America

"Nazism—good Lord, what may that be?" Thank you!! This is perhaps the most enlightening, interesting, well written article I have read in some time. You have given definition to many questions I have pondered for quite some time. I plan to read, and re-read your article several times, for I am sure that each reading will provide deeper insight. Again…Thank You!! , WA USA The United States of America

Fuck you, you stupid nazi fag!!! Go suck the president of Norway's dick!! | The United States of America | Footnote 1:

Inkluderende sensur :o) | English translation: | Cencorship designed to protect me from being punished of making illegal mistakes :o) | Hei. | Vi har fått inn klager på dine hjemmesider. Vi har sett på sidene dine, og innholdet bryter norsk lov. | Hi. | We have had complaints regarding your homepages. We've had a look at your pages, and the content is violating Norwegian law. | Vi har endret filrettighetene på filene dine, slik at du er den eneste som kan lese dem. Vi ber deg endre innholdet på sidene, slik at de ikke bryter norsk lov. Vi vil du skal fjerne vår logo fra | | We have changed your file-access, so that you are the only one who can read them. We ask you to change the content of your pages, so that they no longer are violating Norwegian law. We want you to remove our logo from the page linked from the line above. | Vi ber deg også fjerne bakgrunnsbildene og hakekorsene på | (Password Protected Link!). | We also ask you to remove the background pics and swastikas on the page linked from the line above. | Når du har endret innholdet kan du sette riktige filrettigheter igjen. | When you have changed the content, we will give you your file-access back. | Dersom du i fremtiden har innhold som bryter norsk lov, vil din Internett-konto hos oss bli stengt. | If you in the future have got any content which is violating Norwegian law, your Internet-account on our server will be closed. | Hilsen PowerTech Information Systems AS | Regards from PowerTech Information Systems Inc. Norway - Norge

BearCY: | Got a chance to check out the «New & Improved» BearCY site. Looks nice, loads faster, as well. Noticed there was one section missing …I wondered how long it would be before the Cyber Nazis got to you. Too Bad, you had a nice collection. | Take Care… The United States of America

Hello, BearCY, from down under, and have you received any message from Argentina before? I admire both your spirit and your www site, and sympathize with you about problems that you encounter with prospective censors. | I found a link to your site through that of Halvor J. His courage and success in maintaining attractive galleries is admirable. I should like to view your galleries also—could you please indicate how to do so, and provide any necessary addresses and passwords? | Unfortunately as a student in this university I have no opportunity yet to prepare or to offer to other viewers a www site of my own, but I hope to proceed to this objective in the next year or so. | Best wishes, . Argentiina

Your homepage is great, thanks a lot. Canada

Where's the BEEF!!! I have been wadeing through all the bull s—but no skin… Why bother with the adult check? The United States of America

Hi there - I came across your site by accident, and glad that I did. It was unfortunate that so many of these free sites are now coming back (sometimes) as pay sites, or go underground. But I want to thank you for all of the information, references, programs, etc., on your site. One photo I really loved was dontbetimid.jpg. - very hot! | I also read your comments about the Moral Majority and I had to laugh a little. The Moral Majority was a term used in the early 1980's as a cultural term – it never really was an organization. We used to joke back then by saying that, «the Moral Majority is neither moral nor the majority!» Its the same old battle we've had in America for over 200 years - the traditional moralists vs. the libertarians. Pornography on the net is a very easy issue for politicians to use. Its easier to bash gays and porno on the net than to solve social problems like crime, poverty and drugs which cost a lot of money. So, please don't beat us Americans up too much - I can assure you that the libertarians (those who support free speech and individual rights) are alive and well, and in the majority in this country, even though, culturally, we seem to be somewhat medieval and crude. By the way, I love Norway – my grandmother came from Trondheim. I'd love to visit there someday. | Good luck with your site and future endeavors! | — The United States of America

Hello | My name is | I have been very problems in my country because I am white. The black and mixrace here is the most people think that my race is fuck. | The black people here hate us (white people) cause we have this colour I don't know, I hating that people, they're practicing violence versus us. What can I do about it? | Thanks. South Africa

Hello, | My name is , and I live in Spain. I have recently dived into the wonderful world of Internet… that's a short story: …one evening I was chatting , and the boy I was talking to suggested me to download a mIRC… I did it… and the first time I got connected trough it I met a man… he gave me his home page address… there there were some links… and some links in the links… that's how i found your pages…they are fresh, and I liked them very much… But… couldn't get into your «secret collection»… and I'd just loved to… I was to the point to join «adult check», but I am a cyber beginner… and giving my credit card number …well… I don't enjoy this idea that much… could you please give the link into your adult check cage to me? …or just tell me that there is no problem in giving the number… I really care about privacy and feel quite helpless to avoid others to get into my stuff… so, if you could give me your advise… | Take care and go on… . | PS. | While reading your pages… i felt unsatisfied because there is very few information about you … and I am a bloody courious man …so? Spain - España

Hi, just a word about your home page, interesting, but I didn't find how to view the damn pictures, is there a secret door? . I guess I don't like hide and seek. If there are pictures, it should be easy to find them. And by the way I am an AdultCheck member. The United States of America

BearCY, | Just a word of appreciation and gratitude for your really great Website. The graphics work is a treat in itself. I have to limit my browsing time, so I took a quick look-see at your spiritual writing and found it similar to mine. I suspect your death experience has had a great deal of impact on your lives experience. I had to run through your Nazi writings and found them, once again, very strong and powerfully supported by your clear sense of your self and your beliefs. Very bold. I loved the sex fantasy of Will Crusher and River Phoenix! Couldn't take the time at this point to read it through, but think the idea is great and look forward to some good times reading it. As far as your photos go, we aren't attracted to the same body types, but I believe we both enjoy passionate men from the looks of your choices. Your site is a testament to free and total self-expression. You are blessed. | (A quick note about myself: I am 40, married for 12 years to a beautiful man and, among other things, a professional singer and teacher. I know something about computers, not a great deal, though and eventually want to make the time to create a site to promote my business and expose to the world the wonder of me! You are an inspiration.) The United States of America

I really enjoyed visiting your web pages and thought it really great that you were willing to talk philosophy so much. It seems to me that it is important to know what another person is thinking. I also liked the use of color and background on your pages. The United States of America

Dear BearCY | Well now I know where I get some of my strangeness from, it is as a result of being half Norwegian ! :) | Seriously, you have some very interesting ideas – I don't know if I agree with them, but nor do I dismiss your viewpoint out of hand as I personally believe that we each of us have our own path to follow and that no one can tell anybody else what they can or cannot believe. Live and let live I believe it is called. | In case you are wondering I am 34, 1.87m, brown hair/eyes and generally smooth, gay, happy in my job (manager at Citizens Advice) and I live in the countryside in England, although I grew up in London. My father (now dead) came to England from Svalbard at the start of World War 2, met my mother and stayed on. I am afraid my Norwegian is almost non existent (I can understand a bit but please don't expect me to try to speak or write it accurately). | I have relatives all over Norway and will be visiting one of my cousins in Bergen at Easter. I do have relatives in Oslo, but they tend towards the Christian fundamentalist point of view so I don't feel all that comfortable with them – I don't think I NEED to be saved! . The United States of America+Norway - Norge

Hey there, | I just thought I'd drop you a mail to say a few things. First, your site has some really great and tasteful graphics. Unfortunately, it's got to be one of the most confusing and frustrating sites to navigate I've ever seen. After getting looped back to the AdultCheck page twice, I gave up. I'm sure there's some really great pics in there somewhere, but I sure couldn't find them. I'm giving up on it, but you might want to make your site a little less maze like to avoid losing other potential fans. | Take care :o) The United States of America | Footnote 2

Hi, | Just visited you homepage… Wanted to see the «bear pics» – but your site is so colorful with so many moving pictures that it's impossible to find any button where to go to some bear pics. It's a pity… | Kind regards, | The United States of America | Footnote 3:

Thanks for allowing me access on your page. I have problems though; every time I try to access the part on Wesley Crusher, my computer locks up. Maybe incompatibility. I was wondering if you'd be interested in any of the pictures that I have on my computer? I have a variety so let me know if you want some. Thanks again. The United States of America

Maybe your desire in copying uncle Scrooge has gone too far by saving too much money by not granting your computer sufficient amount of memory/RAM to work properly? RAM is not that expensive today, so maybe your curiosity in reading my long document tells you it's time to invest in some; or maybe upgrade? :o)

 Footnote 4:

Just wanted to let you know that your homepage is a work of art! I love how you put pictures and symbols together. It's really not offensive at all! I feel like I can stay at your site for awhile and rest my eyes from all those obnoxious billboards to «»! Hope you keep your site up for many years. The United States of America

hi! as you can see from the mail head, I am a student at an Austrian university. I am 20 y. o. and looking for pics. Here at the university we have restricted access to the internet and so it would be very kind of you if I can enter your gallery. Austria - Osterreich

Hi BearCY, I really enjoyed going through you maze. I don't think I've finished it yet but that was a cool story on Wesley Crusher. I'm in the process of trying to find some nude pics of him so if I do, I'll send them your way. I'm not computer literate enough to send this in .html format so hopefully this will work. If there's another way preferable over this format, let me know. | Later. . The United States of America

BearCY, I found Your viewpoints interesting regarding the origins of Nazism and nationalistic fervor. I also believe that the conventions and dogmas of the status quo can lead to a horrific response upon any non-conventional segment of society. I would like to caution you about the dangers of «the spiritual ego» as defined by Dr. Yogi Bhajan. He believes that the condition of viewing oneself as spiritually more evolved than another, is the only incurable spiritual condition. Years ago, during the Hippy counterrevolution, it became popular for some to label themselves as «Old Souls» Yogi Bhajan became upset with these declarations stating that all souls are equal. Each Soul has chosen a distinct path regarding carnal experiance, none of which is «further along». Pertaining to Scandinavian Soul superiority, I believe that this is testament to the Nordic racial superiority complex that facilitated the growth of Nazism. I am very thankful to be swiming in a multi-cultural Gene Pool far from the homogenized «We»-centric xenophobic corrals of my ancestors. I sincerely hope that You become enlightened to the fact of Cosmic equal footing. You are obviously commited to Your search, try not to settle for simple carnal explanations to spiritual questions. With Love, The United States of America

There are written tons of literature about things I know nothing about; and thank God for that! It would be a rather limited and boring world if the things I know should be the limit for everyone else! ;o)

Sorry, but the name Yogi Bhajan is new to me. Never heard of him! When I speak of old souls, I don't mean that some souls are older than others: We are all equally eternal! What I mean, is that some souls has got more incarnations as humans than others, and thus have got a safer view on everything; less paranoïd, I mean. And old souls do not measure a large percent of any population, anywhere. But we are some angels about—in all countries around this world—trying as best as we can to project co-operating and loving friends on everyone and everything around us. The racists of Scandinavia feel as insignificant and insecure as racists do anywhere, I should think. ;o)

—I fail to recognize myself in what you write; is this what we term projection? ;o)

The young and insecure souls of the Scandinavian countries has got a strict code of living, termed the
Law of Jante (originally written as a witty parody on the Law of Moses of the Bible, and it is in full contrast to the Law of Karma); which states that you have no business being here, if you are not already fully educated in the School of Life from birth on. It is giving everyone the right to ridicule anyone who admits that he or she is ignorant regarding things they have yet to experience. It is not at all nice; maybe you would enjoy reading it! ;o) BearCY.

Hi BearCY, First of all, thanks for the tip on the video/memory problem. I'll check it out when I go on the net again. Your prowess in computer knowledge and English usage appears excellent. Secondly, I don't have a lot of threesome or foursomes pics but when I get more, I'll send them. Here's a few of mine, if you like, I'll send you more similar or stick with the group pics I come across. Till next time, The United States of America

Would like access to this area, if you would be so kind as to send the URL. Love the graphics, btw. Much obliged, & The United States of America

Read ur site, funny eclectic mix of nazism, homosexuality, anti-semitism, extra-terrestrials, and the Creator of the universe. | except for the anti-Jewish stuff and the anti YWVH , whom created the Universe, u seem to have a mind similar to mine, would like to share thoughts with you. Am sending pic, see ya, , Marsman10x, Marduk/Enki/ Eridu/Elohim u should check out The United States of America
(Please hit the Back-button on top of your browser to get back here, when you're finished reading: Footnote 2)

Hi Bear, | Just had to say how much I enjoyed your page. Ever since I was a child I was fascinated by Trains, and here you are an Engineer. What a big plus in your column from me. Seriously, I just had to say Hello and compliment you on your page. You seem so nice of a person, I'll bet your quite a catch… | Sincerely The United States of America

Hello! | I was just visiting your website and I was quite impressed. It looks great! | What would you think about doing some reciprocal linking? We have a site which provides information about HIV testing studies, and bla-bla-bla-bla-bla! (…) | Let me know what you think. | Thanks! The United States of America. (changed by BearCY; I have included the link, though—please look for «HIV Home Test»)

Dear Bjorn (sorry, I do not have the ability to correctly key-in your (In order to get back here, please hit the back-button on top of your browser when you're finished reading this :o) name) | The eyes are the window to the person. You have very nice eyes (from your photo). You've gained much from your early experience, and, for that, I say, congratulations!!! Many would have misinterpreted the message. It seems that you did NOT. | Best to you, The United States of America

Hi, | your ad is funny. I am staying in Montreal and am from India. Hope to hear from you. | I am sorry that I did not send you my URL. Well I do not know how to send it. Your site is awesome! Thank you very much. . India+Canada

I have been a visitor to your site(s) for several years now and often find the information thought provoking, as I'm sure you intended. | My main reason for visiting your site was for the images you provide. And I would like to say that those images contained on 'henriette' and then some of those mixed with the poems, are wonderful. The 'henriette' images are very sweet and innocent and make me feel so calm. I am anxious to find if you have more hidden in your maze. | The poem images are also very nice, and remind me of myself 15 years ago when I too was the same age in years and frolicked about with my boyfriends of the time. What a wonderful, uncomplicated time it was. | Well, just wanted to say keep up the good work, and if you have any other suggested sites you think I should visit in addition to yours, please feel free to email them to me. The United States of America

Hi, | I was just reading your transcription of the beginning C&E Introductory talk at Ramtha's School of Enlightenment. I want to know what is the significance of having a pissing man, it seems to be a version of the AOL animated gif, as the divider after JZ's talk and before Ramtha's. I'm attempting not to be judgemental about this but it seems highly irrelevant and quite disrespectful in light of the content matter. I am a member of the school and I find this offensive. If there is a logical meaning behind this that I am missing, if so please enlighten me. | Just a little confused, The United States of America

Hi ! | I am sorry, but being a European, and maybe especially a Scandinavian, I guess I've got a bit different view on things than you. I never would have guessed that anyone would actually let themselves get hurt by that cute little pee-boy. Me and my friends just thought he was funny, and that he fitted perfectly in with the serious talks of the Ram. | I hope that you will recover soon from your shock of my terrible insensitivity. In Scandinavia we've got an old saying, stating: |

«Den som kun tar spøk for spøk, og alvor kun alvorlig;
han og hun har faktisk fattet begge dele dårlig!».

In English, this might be translated to (I didn't manage to convey the rhyme, sorry!): | «The one who perceives a joke only to be funny, and graveness only to be serious; he and she have actually perceived both aspects in life quite poorly!». | I think this way of thinking is partially the cultural reason why I put this pee-boy in with the otherwise serious text. Hope you can forgive me! | This saying was originally made by a Danish philosopher and universal genius, by the name of Kumbel (Piet HEIN, 1905–1996. If you search at Google for "grooks", you'll find lots of similar personal short-poems he wrote in English). —Thanks for visiting my site! | Yours respectfully, BearCY.

Thanks Jespersen for your prompt attention. I am sure it is only a cultural difference. I like the saying and can also appreciate a spot of humor to break up an overly serious mood. I think it was the cultural difference that made that particular joke misunderstood. Apology accepted and the explanation has given me understanding. Forgive me if I came across as an overly sensitive American. I have enjoyed your site and thank you for all the energy that you have put forth in making it available to the world. The United States of America

It disturbs Me that You are seemingly using the teachings of Ramtha for the promotion of Homosexuality, however it is Your experience for this world and I do not condemn You for it. However if You were to read the teachings Your name is immersed in and around and see that sexuality is such an insignificant part of our destiny and is somewhat of a distraction from our greatness and an earthly limitation We allow upon Ourselves, You are a great being as are We all and You are worth so much more to Yourself as God not as Man, homosexual or otherwise. I love You fellow God. The United States of America

To see a response to these kinds of letters, please go here.

Bear: | Like You I have an appreciation for younger nudes. Are there other sites with similar photos to those on your website? Holland - The Netherlands

Your site is the only one I have found that combines beautiful images with a positive philosophy and a spiritual perspective. I really do appreciate your efforts and your creation. Thank you so much Pakistan

Found your web-site while surfing the internet and wanted you to know that I found your outlook on life to be very positive and full of Love. Being in the US of A, we Americans are materialistically spoiled compared to the rest of the World. I do not share their beliefs. Would like you to visit my website at Visit this guy's homepage!. My partner/soul-mate's grandparents are from Norway and he was very impressed with your out-look on life. We have been together for 22 years after meeting at age 18. We also do not adhere to religious «dogmas» and would like you to give us your opinion on our site. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon. In Love, The United States of America

Subject: Gay kids. | Dear BearCY, | This may not occur to you, but there are a lot of gay kids on the web. We all want to be able to enter sites containing gay material, too. It would be nice if you were one of the first to let teens in your site. Please reply. | I am 13, live in the United States, and am, of course, male. I am extremely happy you answered my e-mail so promptly. You may be interested to know that I am a web designer, and I work with graphics as well. As of this current time, I am in seventh grade, but am on a college reading level and high school math. Back to the web designing thing, would you like some help with your site? I can make graphics smoother, cleaner, and more refined, and I am an expert at HTML coding. In my area, the consent to sex age is 14, and there is no pornography limit. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. | Love, | PS: I must say I agree with your philosophy on love, and here I am giving a little back! | PPS: Would I be able to get a password? The United States of America

Dear BearCY, I chanced upon your web page through a link in Halvor's web page. Your web page is really cool, and one of the best, if not the best gay website I have seen in my net life… | I am 25, from the Philippines. I am constantly amazed by the openness your country have towards homosexuality, which is not as true in my country. Gays are still frowned upon by the largely-Catholic population although times are definitely better than say five or ten years ago when gay issues were never given as much consideration as now. | Your web page was truly enlightening and entertaining as well. I had much fun. I sure will surf the rest of your site which I haven't seen the next time you get online. Anyway, I use for a nick and I usually make it a point to enter channel in undernet, even though I don't speak Norwegian. I think the guys there are really cool. | Good luck on all your endeavors. I would be elated to hear from you as well, but if I won't be able to receive an email from you, it will still be okay, knowing what a busy body you are. Your Web Award is truly well-deserved. Congratulations! The Phillippines

I usually chat at Eros Web chat at At the bottom of the page, you'll see this sentence: «Trykk på ikonet til høyre for å starte EROS CHAT!» (Click on the golden icon to the right to start Eros chat.) It can take a few seconds, up till two minutes to get through. And when you do, a window pops up with 35 rooms. I enter the room named HOMO, and write in the fields «Ditt navn:» (Your nick) and «Din profil:» (Your profile), and click the button «Gå inn i rommet» (Enter the room). Then a large window pops up, with all the nicks in that room in a column to the right, and when you select them, their profile comes up at the status line at the bottom of the window; to the left. When you double-click on them, a smaller window will open up, where you can chat privately with that person. At Eros chat, you’ll encounter people from all over Norway. Every couple of hours the server disconnects everybody, and all the windows freeze. Then you'll have to close all windows and start all over again. I guess this function is inserted in order to make sure the rooms will not get occupied by just the same dull people at all times; even if the same function can, as a sad bi-effect, make Windows 2000 Professional freeze and even crash as well. Good luck; carry on web-chatting! BearCY.

just read through your web site…I must say i found it quite an education  the Fuck-school…it makes a lot of sense… | kind regards

I saw your website, it's sick. Don't you fear God?  Don't you know what happens to people like you?  Homosexuals shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  I've had homosexual experiences and still have homosexual fantasies but when I do I try to push them out of my mind.  I would much rather enjoy God forever than homosexual fantasies or experiences for a short period of time.  I heard you mention God several times, don't you know he left his word for us?  It's in the Bible.  God doesn't want us men to be lusting after one another.  Don't you also know that satan can disguise himself as an angle of light.  Be careful he's always trying to devour us, make sure your worshipping the right god for there are many gods but only one creator.  God didn't kill Jesus so we could stick our penises in other men's butts.  Get with with the program man, you don't know what your missing.

It feels like a speed disk is working in my brain… Like everything is finding its right place… Thanks for yesterday… Your page about fear was brilliant… I will recommend your site to my friend in the UK. xxx, Denmark - Danmark













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