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—Of all I give to this world, I get tenfold in return; no matter what I give. So what the heck, then, is the point in giving anything but unconditional love? —That's what I want from anyone and anything that I encounter. And anything but this I will not acknowledge, from anyone. But, of course, I do realize that I need to take the initiative myself by how I act, and through my attitude in general towards anyone or anything throughout existence!

«—Mr. Data, will you kindly work to find me a way to penetrate the Aldean shield, please!»
«—But that's almost impossible, sir!»
«—Things are only impossible until they're not!»
Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Gene Roddenberry).

A Creator is what I know me by:
«—Do you know the existence of any Enemies?»
Ego: «—None that my conscience is aware of.»
Soul: «—Nope. Not in creation: The opposite of war is not peace; it's creation!

There is nothing you can do to harm me; because I only wish you well.

There is nothing you can do to harm me; because I am one with the part of us all which you term your essence.

There is nothing you can do to harm me; because I only grant you my total unconditional love; no matter who or what you choose to be.

There is nothing you will ever want to choose to do to harm me; because you can only love me tenfold back.

So then, there is nothing I can do to harm you, either.

Hi, I live and presently exist as a so called «living body» in Oslo, Norway.

Due to a death-experience (I managed to freeze to death when I was 19), which so far has proven to be the most important experience in my life till now, where I allowed myself to remember who I am, why I chose to be born as exackit'lly (word used by Disney's smoking caterpillar in «Alice in Wonderland») me, and how many decades of planning went by before I started incarnating this body, I have realised that my perspective on life is rather much like a pantheïst (like Yeshua ben Yussuff [Jesus (Christ) Josephson], Siddhartha Gotama [the Buddha], etc.). This means that I am neither submissive to dogmas (religious), nor am I godless (an atheïst). I am in other words completely aware that the only thing we humans allow our selves to feel intimidated by, is what does not exist. I do feel completely safe in knowing that everything is what I myself make it be. I have therefore no presupposition to believe in accidents, and I do learn a lot from everything that I experience in my life. I'm, because of this, into shamanism and channeled litterature, science fiction and how to make this world a better place to live in, for not only some, silly humans.

I am open, and very direct when I talk about feelings, and some may allow themselves to feel intimidated by this. «But if you can't stand the heat, you'd better stay out of the kitchen». I am very fond of myself, and perceive everyone else as kind, creative gods. And I prefer letting the other impressions come as they may. But what is sexy or in other ways seductive is difficult to generalize. Here I speak about feelings that on me come spontaneous.

At work, I am a little bit special. I've got a job, which in my society mainly is seen as very dull, boring and uneducative. But as I prefer to say: «Any job is what you make of it» («—With a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down!» Mary Poppins). I am a train driver, driving the lines 3 Kolsås—Mortensrud and 1 Frognerseteren—Helsfyr/Bergkrystallen, at the Underground of AS Oslo Sporveier. I am the blind, the weak sighted, depth, and the foreign passengers' loving guide, and simultaneously (of course) many of my colleague's and those of my customers who despise their nightmare (which they so ungallantly project upon me). I am that crazy idiot who even speak English on the speaker system in the cars, where I find it logical and important that every one of my customers get the message. I do love my work, and those of my customers who prefer soft-driving, to be on schedule, and to be informed about were they are at any time, along with some extra-service with human contact, loves me. This means that I am not at war with people who don't pay for their ride, tagers or troublemakers of any kind. I don't give them any reason to feel any urge to act like that towards me. Unfortunately, my boss does not appreciate the fact that I'm giving service towards all of my customers; she called me into her office, latest in February 2000, and gave me a rather resigned scolding because I'm not as good at following the Law of Jante as she believe that all sane human beings should do.

Of course, I have to allow myself his kind of exposure, because of my integrity as a train driver. As a train driver in AS Oslo Sporveier, one is expected to have certain faults, mishaps and low IQ. I've got neither, because I am a Child of God. I realize this, and do not question it. I listen to my intuïtion, because I recognize my intuïtion as being one with my Voice for God within me. And when I follow it, my destiny is played out, just as my Soul has planned it. Totally happy. And totally forgiving. Because of this, in order to be able to communicate with my colleagues or workmates, they need this confirmation that I am one of them, in order to view me as sane, and able for them to relate to.

Why do I need their acceptance, when know that I am perfect without it too? I need it in order to make it possible for them to «save» themselves, even without my aid to help them. But they have to make the choice all by themselves. I can not direct them without their consent; written in ten copies, sent, sent back, confirmed by the authorities, and returned as a promise to freedom from any «blame». I know there will be no blame; but they claim the confirmation to be necessary for them in order to relate to me. They call this insurance. I call it miscreation: When you create something you do not want, just by believing it possible. And then it all happened, seemingly automatic; it just happened; «all by itself…» Like you were to make possible in creation, some stupid, mean devil who's sole aspiration in life were to destroy your fun; just by believing it yourself into existence.

This is a favourite song of mine for (those of) you (who wish to wake up to see Heaven before you, in everyone and everything you interact with, some day) to remember, always:

When you wish upon a star,
'makes no difference who you are
anything your heart desires
will come to you.

When your heart is in your dream
no request is too extreme
when you wish upon a star,
as dreamers do.

Faith is kind;
she brings to those who love
the sweet fulfillment of
their secret longing

—Like a Bolt out of the Blue
Faith steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star,
your dreams

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I work only 50%. This because I need more spare time than most people, because my work (or the aquisition of money) is not my whole life. You'll meet me on the tracks, only 2 days; Thursdays and Fridays, every even-numbered week, and 3 days; Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, every uneven-numbered week. The rest of the time I can do what I want, and since I always want to do more than most people I know and can compare with, this makes me very happy.

Maybe you've seen me hiking in the forest, or laying naked sunbathing on Homolulu beach, west of Paradisbukta on Bygdøy, or by Svartkulp at Sognsvann, both in Oslo county (too shy to expose my body in public, is far from typical for me). I've got dark, blond hair, and warm brown eyes (seven of my great grand parents had light blond hair and blue eyes, so I feel very special due to my dark features). I do not have much body hairs and am uncut.

Alcohol, heroïne, speed, cocaïne and these kinds of drugs puts me immediately to sleep, and leaves me grumpy the whole next day, so if you feel dependent of making all of your friends use artificial mood making drugs, you'll do better without me.

If you want to read more about me, and you aren't easy to put down, please read this: I've had to move all of the following pages into a password protected subfolder, due to fearful complaints from some «Cristian-fundamentalist Copyright»-minded «Ramtha's School of Enlightenment»-people. If you haven't got a password yet, you'll find all about entering on my Warning-Page. —Do contact me if you've got any problems in getting through, and I will not hesitate to help you through e-mail. You'll find a copy of this page on the inside as well. Just follow the same tracks that you did to get here, when you're in. If you, however, already have got a password, please continue through here:)

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